It is necessary to create a healthy way of life and not just reach a goal and then go back to the same old bad habits.  You need to establish new habits, good habits of moderation, a healthy intake of calories, and a regular balanced exercise regimen.

Don’t let past failed attempts of trying to be healthy and lose weight discourage you. If you stick with it you can do anything. We are here help you reach the unimaginable.

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Professional Philosophy

Kathy & Steve

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- Strength Training

- Functional Training

- Core Strength Development

- Weight loss
- One on One training tailored to your needs

- Combining Nutritional Guidance and Training

- Specialized Senior Training

We have lived in the area for over 20 years raising kids and being involved in the local communities. That  is how we see this fitness center  - a community of people with some similar goals and perspectives.

Next Level Fitness 24-7 is not a franchise so we are committed to this community and have the freedom to make it "our" own.

We will continue to carry on those aspects that have made this center successful and enjoyable.

Along the way we expect to make positive changes, striving to improve to make an even stronger Community.